Adopt A School: Help Master Ayub

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Master Ayub has been teaching unprivileged children for over a decade.  In an open air classroom in a park in Sector F-6, he teaches over 200 children free of cost. Most of the students are street-children working at nearby restaurants. As part of our empowerment project, we want to make Master Ayub’s school sustainable, by […]


Access now calls for an end to Pakistan’s firewall: 20 million silenced

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Access, global movement for digital freedom, have launched a campaign to pressure international companies not to bid for Pakistan’s pending firewall. Our partners, in the campaign, Business Human Rights Resource Centre , were able to get four international companies to commit not to apply for government’s proposal for a URL filtering and blocking system. However, we […]

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Timeline: Campaign against Internet Censorship in Pakistan

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[<a href=”” target=”_blank”>View the story “Pakistan:Campaign against Internet Censorship in Pakistan” on Storify</a>] As we continue the campaign against internet censorship, we feel it is crucial to inform  supporters in order to maintain momentum. Civil society groups both within and outside Pakistan have been working collectively against the impending internet censorship in Pakistan. Bushra Gohar, […]


The debate: What is free internet? Who decides what can be filtered?

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Efforts have been made by governments around the world, both authoritarian and democratic, to shut down Web sites, silence bloggers, filter out certain words or censor negative information.In order to highlight the diverse opinions on internet regulations and the concept of ‘Free Internet’ we will be publishing a wide range of opinions to get the debate going. […]

National URL Filtering & Blocking System

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    PRESS KIT On Wednesday, the 22nd of February, the ICT R&D Fund under the Ministry of Information Technology (MoIT), announced through newspapers and their website a Request For Proposal (RFP) for national “URL filtering and blocking system”. The RFP requires that: “Each [filtering] box should be able to handle a block list of […]

Pakistan: Stop The Firewall!

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On Wednesday, the 22nd of February, the ICT R&D fund under the Ministry of Information Technology, announced through newspapers and on their website, a request for proposal for a national “URL filtering and blocking system”. As an organization with core focus on policy, we at Bolo Bhi, wrote a letter to IT Ministry on behalf […]

Censorship is big business, it should not be

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Authoritarian regimes around the world have used surveillance to regulate and control public spheres. Western surveillance tools have empowered the repression. We need to stop censorship from being big business. We cannot allow these companies to continue to threaten the open internet and profit from it. The latest chapter in this episode is Pakistan. This […]

Thank You Websense, From Pakistan

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Quoted here is an earlier version of the websense statement. We supported and uphold the decision of websense to concentrate on their position and mention ‘several organizations’ instead of specific names. Essentially all organizations on national and international level are fighting for the same end goal. The cause remains our focus. 2nd March’2012 Last week […]

Thank you Sandvine, Verizon & Cisco, From Pakistan

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Our campaign partners, Business Human Rights Resource Centre,  confirmed to us that Sandvine, Verizon and Cisco committed not to apply for Pakistan Government’s call for proposal. Business Human Rights Resource Centre were previously able to help us get a statement of commitment from Websense. Letters from Sandvine: sandvine-re-pakistan-govt-tender-5-mar-2012 Statement from Verizon: “Verizon has never intended to bid on […]

Chief Justice of Pakistan: Guard The Guardians

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We sent a letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Chaudary on the 5th of March’2012. We have not received a response from his office. A copy of the letter is published below.  We, as civil society, write to seek your attention on the recent call for proposals by the ICT R&D fund, under Ministry of IT, for […]