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To the Netizens of China, 致中国网民, From Pakistan

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To the Netizens of China, 致中国网民, I am writing this letter to you on behalf of many Pakistani Internet users who are currently fighting their government’s attempt to restrict their access to information. The 20 million Internet users in Pakistan are on the brink of being monitored, filtered and possibly silenced for their views, and […]

Government’s flawed counter terrorism policy hurting rights of citizens

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KARACHI Nov.16: Bolo bhi strongly protests  governments consistent crackdown on cellular services across Karachi and Quetta as a security measure. In this year alone, the government has suspended cellular services on seven different occasions. This includes Independence Day, Eid and Government sanction day of protest. However, this notification witnessed an  additional ban on motorcycles across the […]

Government spooks to track citizens’ calls

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KARACHI Nov. 14: Bolo Bhi expresses grave concern at the installation of international telecommunication traffic filter by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). The filter will allow government agencies to trace every call.   While the Government claims the filter will be used to trace calls as part of counter terrorism measures, there is no clarity over a process that would […]


Flip Flop Switch:YouTube Blocked Unblocked – Live Updates

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Timeline of updates on Youtube Block & Unblock in Pakistan: 13th september: Pakistan orders anti-Islam video block on YouTube [Associated Press]  – ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Thursday blocked access to an anti-Islam film as security measures beefed up around US diplomatic missions, following attacks on American consulates and embassies in Libya, Egypt and Yemen. 17th september: Pakistan […]