Data Protection Law

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The introduction of a draft law on data protection and privacy by the IT and telecom ministry is a welcome step. In the absence of such a law, Pakistani citizens have had their privacy breached and personal data leaked and used without their consent a number of times by individuals, companies, and the state. It […]

elecions and the internet

Elections and the Internet

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The advent of the internet in our daily lives over the past two decades has been celebrated, especially for advancing democracy and exercising rights. It has become a tool for exercising expression, for connecting with others, and accessing a vast amount of information in very little time. At the same time, we must constantly remind […]

Hate Speech

Stirring Up Hatred

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The definition of hate speech is contested and controversial, especially in relation to trampling on free speech. What is important is to consider the context of each society’s dynamics, and observe the dangers different types of speech can pose to be able to draw lines between hate speech and free speech. However, in our context, […]


Formulating Pakistan’s Internet Policy

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The need for a clear state policy for the internet is greater today more than ever before due to the increased frequency the state has been exercising its self-appointed blanket authority in regards to the internet. Though in an ideal world a state would realise and understand the vast and dynamic nature of the internet […]