Zubeida Aapa

Pale Realities: Pakistan’s Obsession With Fair Skin

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Pakistan’s advertising industry is no stranger to controversy. From lawn advertisements outraging conservative sensibilities due to supposedly provocative imagery, to witty sanitary napkin ads( based on Wikileaks), there’s always a product or an ad that is  debated upon furiously. The current ad being discussed, however, is controversial, not because of the content of the advertisement […]

stop bullying

In School, In Class: Sub-tweeting Abuse

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The writer is a high-school student & has requested anonymity  There’s a plethora of social networking sites, many of which are actively used by the teenagers that make up my high school’s student body. However, with the dominant social networking superpower Facebook blocked at school, students actively turned towards Twitter during or in between classes, […]


Why its important to call out abuse

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I have thought about this for a while. The importance of calling out abuse when you witness it. It may seem like a simple solution, why not? if you witness abuse there should be no questions about calling someone out on it? but it’s not as easy. For starters, abuse — no matter how much we speak and educate ourselves about it — […]