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I love Facebook. It provides me with easy access to all my friends and colleagues; a platform to share some of my work, a forum to build new connections. In fact, many (my bosses and parents at the forefront) would argue I display an unhealthy addiction towards Facebook. Regardless, social connectivity for myself and many […]

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The Pakistan Penal Code and Online Content

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In April 2014, Facebook released its second transparency report. This showed that they had complied with a Pakistan government request for restriction of content on the basis of ‘criticism of the state’ in compliance with ‘local law’ (see report here). [See also Facebook Transparency Report: Since When is Criticism of the State Illegal in Pakistan] […]

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Facebook’s Data Loophole: Of course It’s Accidental

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Social media now forms an integral part of our life. We trust our intimate secrets to a faceless server and expect that our content, be it pictures, text, or anything else will be protected by the strictest privacy firewalls. We expect that the individual for whom the content is intended, the “audience”, will only be […]


What to do if you are being impersonated online?

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Impersonation is one of the most common tactics used by harassers online. It can be extremely damaging if your organization or campaign is being impersonated. Understanding the repercussion of impersonations we are compiling a step-to-step guide of fighting and reporting impersonation. Immediate Steps: Issue a disclaimer. Let people know about the presence of an impersonator and request […]

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Open Call for Non-Violent, Alternate Methods to Denounce Hate Speech

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There is a fine line between what constitutes Freedom of Expression and what is Hate Speech. Many times, under the garb of free expression, malicious acts are carried out with the intent to harm sentiments and enrage others. Earlier, caricatures and now the movie, The Innocence of Muslims, has caused a furore among Muslims globally, […]


Twitter Banned in Pakistan

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Once again, Internet users in Pakistan have been slapped with a ban. Early in the day on May 20, 2012, Twitter users in Pakistan started encountering problems logging into their Twitter accounts. At first, Twitter was mostly inaccessible through browsers but accessible through applications on phones. It varied from one ISP to another as well as mobile […]