We believe in equity. While violence against women is rampant, crimes against men and transgenders remains largely underreported. Cultural perceptions regarding rape and gender-based violence result in the reluctance to report cases of abuse to authorities, also affecting the ways in which the police files charges and the media reports on these cases. Therefore, the fight against gender violence needs a collective campaign engaging all sections of society.

Violence is not only limited to physical or sexual violence. A plethora of factors influence ways in which gender rights are shaped in a society; patriarchal culture, religion and even politics are often used to advance gender bias. A broader debate in society on these issues is direly needed. We seek to extend the debate to bring men and women together to end gender bias and promote equity through policy by combating cultural practices that prevent this from happening.

We are working on fostering partnerships with other organizations working on gender rights in order to help train media personnel, police officers and legislators to fight against gender bias and abuse.