Blocking of YouTube: What’s Legal, What’s Not

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Published in the January 2014 edition of the All Pakistan Law Decisions Journal Section, “Why the YouTube Ban is Illegal and Undesirable” by lawyer Babar Sattar, discusses the legality of the YouTube ban and actions of authorities involved, including their mandate and role. It discusses how their actions correspond with fundamental rights – or don’t – and the balance that needs to be struck.

The following areas are addressed in greater detail:

Legality of Government’s Direction to Block Access to YouTube

The Test of Reasonableness and Striking the Right Balance Between Competing Rights

Internet, Information Age and Moral Panic

Guarding Moral Virtue vs Maintaining Public Order

Download PLD scanned version here:  “Why the YouTube Ban is Illegal and Undesirable”

Clear copy here

Watch Bolo Bhi’s video interview with Babar Sattar on this here: Internet Censorship, Law and Fundamental Rights

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