What’s Brewing: Pakistan Government’s Proposed Cybercrime Law

We believe we have obtained a version of the government’s modified cybercrime bill.


ISPAK (Internet Service Providers Association), P@SHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association) and the Ministry of IT & Telecommunications, after consultations agreed to a stakeholder draft (please note though no civil society organization or members were privy to this). This was then sent to the Cabinet Division. From there it emerged earlier this year with modifications after which we held consultations with industry and civil society members, and technical experts. The National Assembly’s Standing Committee on IT constituted a sub-committee and since then a government led committee has been reviewing and modifying the draft.

Below are various iterations of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015 we have managed to obtain over the course of the last few months, including the final version that is under consideration. In our analyses, we have highlighted modifications and additions that have been made to the stakeholder version, including major concerns with the current bill.

Section 31 (now 34) is our biggest concern. The government has added this so they can justify their blocking and censoring powers – since the court has found they exercise these powers under no law (more details here: The IMCEW Challenge )

We believe the bill needs to be sent back to the NA Standing Committee on IT after which a public hearing should be called with stakeholders and experts before any decision is made on how to proceed with this bill.

Modified Cybercrime Bill

Bolo Bhi’s Analysis of Government’s Proposed Cybercrime Law

Version Submitted to the NA (possibly)


Version Approved by NA Standing Committee on IT

Initial Analysis on NA Standing Committee Version

Sign this e-petition asking legislators to make the bill public and seek public input here

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