The Cybercrime Bill and Our Call-To-Action


As of this morning, the NA Standing Committee on IT approved and passed the cybercrime bill i.e PECB2015. This was despite reservations and a press conference we held yesterday to raise the issue.
The bill now moves to the floor of the assembly. You can access the version that has been passed here.
(See number 4: Version passed by NA Standing Committee.)
While the numbering, structuring has been changed, and there are some content additions, the reservations raised yesterday remaining. Please see particularly clauses on Spamming, Spoofing, Cyber Stalking, Cyber Terrorism, Natural Dignity of a Person, Powers to manage intelligence etc, which were raised in yesterday’s press conference.

Attend this meeting tomorrow in Karachi to jointly put together an Action Plan to speak up against the Bill. Get involved NOW otherwise you will lose your right to complain later.

Register here

Sign this e-petition asking legislators to make the bill public and seek public input here

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