Timeline: Campaign against Internet Censorship in Pakistan

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As we continue the campaign against internet censorship, we feel it is crucial to inform  supporters in order to maintain momentum. Civil society groups both within and outside Pakistan have been working collectively against the impending internet censorship in Pakistan.
Bushra Gohar, Memeber of National Assembly (ANP), informed us that the Ministry has decided to shelve it plans. Media report can be found here . However, at the time of writing this update, we are currently campaigning to get the government and netsweeper to disclose whether the technology was sold to Pakistan after a Citizen Lab report revealed that Netsweeper web filters were found on  an IP belonging to the Pakistan Telecommunications Limited.
Our Campaign was highlighted as one of the most successful campaigns of the year after our Director was listed amongst the Top 100 Global Thinkers for the Foreign Policy Magazine. 
The timeline below enlists statement and media coverage the issue has received thus far.
Day one press release:
Day two press release:
Media Coverage:
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