Bolo Bhi means ‘Speak up’, in Urdu. We are a not-for-profit geared towards advocacy, policy and research in the areas of gender rights, government transparency, internet access, digital security and privacy. We are a team of individuals with diverse backgrounds who are passionate about the same causes and believe it is crucial to bridge the gap between rights advocates, policy makers, media and citizens. It is by bridging this gap that one can move ahead to chart a way forward and resolve issues through consensus.


President – Jehan Ara

Jehan Ara is the President of the Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES (P@SHA)..She is a motivator, an entrepreneur, a social activist and a strong propagator of extending the power and use of Information and communication technologies beyond pure traditional business, to empower and enable communities. Her blog can be viewed here: In the line of Wire. She can be found on Twitter: @jehan_ara and contacted via email: jehan<at>bolobhi<dot>org

Fariha Akhtar

Fariha Akhtar – a Software Engineer by profession who works on Card Payment and E-Banking solutions for bread and butter. She strongly believes in harnessing the power of technology for the betterment of community at large so, volunteer for projects such as TakeBackTheTech and other social activism projects and activities that resonate with her. She is also a blogger/live-blogger and a freelance technology writer. She loves baking in her spare time. Her blog can be viewed here. She can be found on Twitter: @farihaak on contacted via email: fariha<at>bolobhi<d0t>org

Rukhsana Ahmed

Rukhsana Ahmed has been a practicing lawyer of the Sindh High Court for the past 16 years. She is also  a former judge of the Sindh High Court and is a person of great integrity.  Over the years she has put in hours, days and months of blood, sweat and tears into her professional work. There was never any  case that was too small or too insignificant. It didn’t matter whether it was a poor person for whom she was handling the case gratis or a corporation that was  paying her to fight on their behalf, justice was what she strived for even if it meant burning the midnight oil

Seema Nizam

Seema Nizam has been an educator for the past 30 years. She is one of a rare breed of educators who teaches with passion and wants to see her students reach their full potential. The patience and dedication she puts into her profession makes her a person that both parents and students adore. Her last teaching assignment for many years was at Froebels in Islamabad. She is now a teacher at the Karachi Grammar School. Seema is extremely concerned about the awareness that young people should have as users and consumers of technology.


Director – Sana Saleem

Sana Saleem is an activist working on minority rights and internet freedom. She blogs at Global Voices,  Asian Correspondent, The Guardian, Dawn and her personal blog Mystified Justice. She recently won the Best Activist Blogger award by CIO & Google at the Pakistan Blogger Awards. She can be found on Facebook and Tweets at: @sanasaleem. She can be contacted via email: sana<at>bolobhi<dot>org

Director – Farieha Aziz

Farieha Aziz is a Karachi-based, APNS-awardwinning journalist. She has a masters in English literature from the University of Karachi. She worked with Newsline (July 2007-Jan 2012) and taught literature to grades 9-12 (Aug 2011-May 2012) at an IB school in Karachi. Her articles can be viewed here. She can be found on Twitter: @FariehaAziz and contacted via email: farieha<at>bolobhi<d0t>org


The Team:

Afia Salam

Afia ventured into the field of journalism in 1978. Is Pakistan’s first female cricket journalist and writer. Diversified into the field of Advertising, and headed the creative departments of three key agencies of Pakistan. She has accumulated experience of print, electronic and web journalism. With the environmental agenda close to her heart, she headed IUCN Pakistan’s Education, Communications and Outreach unit. Later she was responsible for post disaster relief, recovery and rehabilitation as the Programme Coordinator, Sindh of the Imran Khan Foundation. undertaking post flood rehabilitation and reconstruction work. She also undertakes media trainings for capacity building. She now hosts her web show Afia Salam Show and Off the Cuff on and is the senior editor at .Her blog can be viewed here. She can be found on Twitter: @afiasalam  and contacted via email:

Jamal Ashiqain

Jamal Ashiqain is a freelance photographer, using his skills to highlight social injustices which include gender-based violence and human rights violations. He has been an active blogger since 2004 and being an artist at heart, he is determined to promote art and culture which remains the primary focus of his blogs apart from social awareness. His blog can viewed here: The Voice of An Art Freak. He can be found on Twitter: @jamash on contacted via email: jamal<at>bolobhi<d0t>org

Usama Khilji

Usama Khilji is an activist and writer based in Islamabad.He has been involved in cultural exchange as part of the YES Programme under which he represented Pakistan for a year in the US in 2005-06. Additionally, he represented Pakistan at he Model United Nations Turkey (MUNTR) in March 2011, and was selected to be President of the Security Council at the Munster University Model United Nations (MUIMUN) in Munster, Germany, in April 2011. He is currently the Lead Investigator at Foundation for Fundamental Rights (FFR), a legal charity working to represent victims of drone attacks in FATA and uncover the truth behind the casualties in these strikes, mostly civilian.  He can be found on Twitter at @UsamaKhilji, and email at usamakhilji<at>bolobhi<d0t>org