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Timeline: Tracking Violence Against Women in Pakistan

Tracking HERstory

Who were Fahmida Allahbuksh, Samia Sarwar, or Saima Waheed and why they were significant women in Pakistani history? What happened in Lahore in 1983? Why are women burning dupattas in that historical photograph of WAF members, and what exactly is WAF? Are there no empowering women in Pakistan other than Asma Jahangir or Mukhtar Mai? […]

Why “Rape-Prevention” Gimmicks Contribute To Rape Culture

We live in an age of innovation and creativity. There seems to be no limit to human imagination, and four students from North Carolina State University, have proved this to be true, by inventing “Undercover Colors,” a nail polish that, when applied, will change colour if it is dipped in a drink which has been […]

What do Jennifer Lawrence’s Nudes Tell You About Privacy?

This blog was first published in Dawn. The internet was taken by storm when nude pictures of over a 100 celebrities were leaked and published on the internet. They are everywhere. Twitter is abuzz with  comments ranging from “don’t take pictures if you don’t want them to be public” to “how sharing or looking at […]

It’s Your Fault- A Pakistani Guide To Rape Culture Part II

This is the second of a two-part article on rape culture, how it exists in Pakistan, and how it can be dismantled. In the first part of this article, we explained rape culture, and discussed it within a Pakistani context. One of the biggest hurdles for gender equity in Pakistan is that anti-women practices, customs, […]

A Guide to Gender-Neutral Language

A Guide to Gender-Neutral Language Gender-inclusive language or gender-neutral language is written and spoken language that does not a) specify or indicate gender in any way and b) as a result of being ‘gender-neutral’, does not become sexist or exclusive to one gender. Why does Gender-Neutral Language matter? Language is constant evolving because that is […]

It’s Your Fault- A Pakistani Guide To Rape Culture

This is the first of a two-part article on rape culture, how it exists in Pakistan, and how it can be dismantled Once again, the country is wracked with anger and shame over the gang-rape and murder of a girl in Layyah. The incident occurred less than a month after the brutal public murder of […]

Bolo Bhi Gender Media-Watch: Story Maps

Bolo Bhi Minority Report: Mapping Instances Of Sectarian Violence

Rape In A Time Of Social Media

On 14th May, several newspapers reported the gang-rape of a young college girl. Such stories are not uncommon in Pakistan, but what slowly unfolded over the days was more than just a gang-rape. These men were part of a gang that had sexually assaulted other college girls, and then videotaped the incident to blackmail them. […]