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Down the Digital Security Lane

With increased online activity, internet users are now more prone to cyber crimes. To ensure one’s digital safety, it’s important that people invest some time to secure their online presence in order to avoid prospective threats of cyber criminals. To help you with your online security, here’s a step by step guide to steer clear […]

Digital Security Module

A comprehensive guide to ensure digital safety online by Bolo Bhi. Bolo Bhi Digital Security from BoloBhiSlides

Digital Security Tips at TLF & CLF

Syed Aun Abbas Bokhari, the deputy director of NR3C (FIA’s Cyber Crime Wing), and Bolo Bhi reps Farieha Aziz and Hija Kamran, conducted separate sessions at the Teacher’s and Children’s Literature Festivals which were held from October 1 to  October 3 at the Lok Virsa Museum, Islamabad. Below is a summary of the tips provided during the […]


How to stay safe online?

Tool Box

Audio and Video Audacity is a free audio recorder and editor. It can also be used to convert files from one audio format to another. It is vital tool for creating podcasts, voice over on digital stories or editing sound-bytes. HandBrake is a ripper and converter for DVD. It is also one of the easiest ways to […]

Digital Security Guides

Passwords: the first line of defence Passwords: the first line of defence 2 Safe Internet browsing Safe Internet browsing 2 Mobile phone security Mobile phone security 2 Securing your email Securing your email 2 How the internet works How the internet works 2 Safe social networking Safe social networking 2 Digital Security and Privacy Using […]