Digital Safety

Digital Security Workshops held for students in Islamabad

Wednesday, 5th December 2018 – Last week Bolo Bhi conducted three Digital Security Workshops at Islamabad College of Arts and Sciences (ICAS) for middle and high school students. The workshop shared skills and strategies to secure personal devices and online communications, as well as methods to address specific issues prevalent in the younger demographic such […]

Facebook Security Breach and What You Should Do

Friday, 5th October 2018 – Facebook reported a massive security breach that compromised the accounts of up to 50 million users. Company officials have been unable to determine the scope of the attack, and pressing questions such as what data was taken, by whom, and for what purpose, remain unanswered. It is also unclear whether […]

Digital Security Workshops held for under training journalists in Islamabad

18th October 2017 – Bolo Bhi conducted 3 digital security workshops at the Mass Communication Department of the School of Social Sciences at NUST this week in Islamabad. The sessions were specifically designed to train future journalists in strategies to improve their digital security, including mobile phones, computers, and online communications. The workshops were attended […]

Overcoming the Blue Whale Challenge

25 September 2017 – The Blue Whale Challenge, a dangerous internet ‘game’ reportedly linked to an increase in teenage suicides across the globe, has begun gaining an alarming momentum in South Asia. It has recently starting claiming victims in Pakistan, where five cases of self-harm have been reported to psychologists and doctors in the Khyber […]

Digital Security Workshop at WeCreate, Islamabad.

Bolo Bhi conducted a Digital Security Training Workshop at the WeCreate Center in F-11 in Islamabad today, 23rd August, 2017. The workshop was geared towards raising awareness amongst professionals regarding ways in which one can secure their online presence as well as how to improve the security of their devices, including cell phones and laptops. […]

Down the Digital Security Lane

With increased online activity, internet users are now more prone to cyber crimes. To ensure one’s digital safety, it’s important that people invest some time to secure their online presence in order to avoid prospective threats of cyber criminals. To help you with your online security, here’s a step by step guide to steer clear […]

Digital Security Module

A comprehensive guide to ensure digital safety online by Bolo Bhi. Bolo Bhi Digital Security from BoloBhiSlides

Bolo Bhi Digital Security Training at Children’s Literature Festival, Islamabad ’15

Bolo Bhi representatives Farieha Aziz and Hija Kamran conducted digital security training sessions with teachers and students at the Children’s Literature Festival (CLF) and Teachers’ Literature Festival (TLF) in Islamabad from October 1 to 3, 2015. The sessions were geared to increase awareness of the harm the internet can cause and how to avoid falling […]

Digital Security Training with Bolo Bhi at Children’s Literature Festival

On February 26 and 27, 2015, Bolo Bhi representatives Farieha Aziz and Ghausia Rashid Salam conducted digital security trainings at the Teachers’ Literature Festival (TLF) and the Children’s Literature Festival (CLF) in Karachi. Bolo Bhi conducted two separate digital security trainings for teachers and students. The CLF was founded by Baela Raza Jamil and co-founded […]

Bolo Bhi Digital Security Training Session at Teacher’s Literature Festival, Islamabad

Bolo Bhi Digital Security Training Session at Teacher’s Literature Festival, Islamabad from Bolo Bhi on Vimeo.