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Posted by | March 2, 2013
Remembering Shahbaz Bhatti: Stand Up in Peace

Today marks the second death anniversary of Shahbaz Bhatti. In his memory and as a tribute to his work for minorities, I am republishing an article I wrote hours after...

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Posted by | February 15, 2013
What to do if you are being impersonated online?

Impersonation is one of the most common tactics used by harassers online. It can be extremely damaging if your organization or campaign is being impersonated. Understanding the repercussion of impersonations we are...

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Posted by | January 31, 2013
Safety on the Road: Vehicle Fitness

Ever seen those scenes from a movie where right when you need to escape a terrible situation, the vehicle just won't start? Or how about a flat tyre in a...

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Posted by | January 30, 2013
Survive Pakistan – A Safety and Security Advisory Forum

For most of us living in a high risk environment such as Pakistan, security has become a term we have gotten very used to, without realizing what security really is....

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Posted by | January 15, 2013
#Pakistan: Safety Tips For Those on the Road

Worried about safety on the road? Here are a few tips from security experts @norbalm & @aftershockCEM (more…)

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Posted by | January 10, 2013
Umar Kot Rape: Should Rape Survivor’s Identity Be Revealed?

Imagine this: A six year old girl is tortured, raped and thrown on the street. She spends a week at the hospital without proper healthcare, until human rights activists create...

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Posted by | December 14, 2012
How to File a Right To Information Application

What is Freedom of Information? “19A.     Right to information.‐‐‐Every citizen shall have the right to have access to information in all matters of public importance subject to regulation and reasonable...

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Posted by | December 7, 2012
INFOGRAPHIC: Are you being abused?

Are you being abused? Identify abuse, reach out to those that can help. (more…)

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Posted by | September 17, 2012
Open Call for Non-Violent, Alternate Methods to Denounce Hate Speech

There is a fine line between what constitutes Freedom of Expression and what is Hate Speech. Many times, under the garb of free expression, malicious acts are carried out with...

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Posted by | September 1, 2012
An Interview with Baba Jan Hunzai

 We endorsed the Open Letter Demanding the Release of Baba Jan Hunzai and have issued letters to Ministry of Human Rights, Pakistan. All petition signatures and requests will be forwarded to Mr. Mustafa...

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