Posted by | November 8, 2013
ISPAK joins Alliance for Access

8/11/2013 Karachi: Bolo Bhi is delighted to announce that the Internet Service Providers Association Of Pakistan (ISPAK) has joined Alliance for Access. After 12 leading civil society organizations and the Express Media Group joined the...

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Posted by | November 7, 2013
Twelve Leading Civil Society Organizations Join Alliance For Access

07/11/2013 Karachi:  Aurat Foundation, Baanhn Beli, Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives(CPDI), Civic Action Resources, Institute for Research Advocacy & Development (IRADA), Centre For Governance & Public Accountability (CGPA), Digital...

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Posted by | November 5, 2013
Cost of the ban

As published by Dawn Magazine Special Report on 20th Oct’2013  Never mind that it is morally wrong. Never mind that it infringes upon people’s constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of...

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Posted by | November 5, 2013
Editorial: The News On Sunday Special Report On Internet Censorship

Republished from The News On Sunday - As Published on th 13th Oct'2013      Editorial The Sindh government recently announced to place a ban on instant messaging and Voice-over-Internet...

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Posted by | July 22, 2013
Understanding how HTTPS works with Ahmed, Bilal & Uncle Tipu

The Internet is inherently collaborative in nature. Every time your computer needs to talk to another computer somewhere in the world, it breaks up the message into smaller manageable chunks...

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Posted by | June 20, 2013
Stop Censoring: Netsweeper In Pakistan?

20/6/2013:  A recent report by Toronto-based independent research group, Citizen Lab, maintains that Netsweeper filtering products have been installed on Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL)’s network. This is an extremely...

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Posted by | May 1, 2013
Bolo Bhi Amicus Reports on YouTube Case Hearings

How do we address the problem of access denial in Pakistan? The dilemma authorities and now the court is faced with is this: on the one hand are sentiments that...

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Posted by | April 27, 2013
Our Shame: Military Satire A National Security Issue?

Several netizens, across the country, have reported that music band Beyghairat Brigarde's latest video has been blocked by Pakistan Telecommunications Authority. While the video remains accessible on certain ISPs, others have blocked it...

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Posted by | March 7, 2013
پاس ورڈ: اولین دفاع

پاس ورڈ: اولین دفاع   آپ کتنے پاس ورڈ استعمال کرتے ہیں؟ اپنے پاس ورڈز ک بغیر لکهے آپ کیسے یاد رکهتے ہیں؟ کیا آپ اپنے پاس ورڈ اس خوف...

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Posted by | December 19, 2012
ZTE Non-committal Response To Pakistan’s Netizens Request

Last month we wrote an Open Letter to the netizens of China requesting them to stand in solidarity with netizens in Pakistan. China's firewall -- extensive internet blocking system --...

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