Posted by | June 16, 2012
Google Committed To Internet Freedom In Pakistan

Google Committed To Internet Freedom In Pakistan Contact: Sana Saleem CEO – Bolo Bhi Email:     KARACHI June 16:  On Thursday June’14th, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt along with Jared Cohen, Director Google Ideas, hosted...

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Posted by | June 15, 2012
GNI Learning Forum 2012: Rights, practices and expression on the Internet

The Global Network Initiative hosted its first Learning Forum in Washington DC on June 14, 2012. The discussion centred on safeguarding human rights, privacy and freedom of expression on the Internet. The...

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Posted by | May 20, 2012
Twitter Banned in Pakistan

Once again, Internet users in Pakistan have been slapped with a ban. Early in the day on May 20, 2012, Twitter users in Pakistan started encountering problems logging into their...

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Posted by | May 8, 2012
Open Letter Demanding the Release of Baba Jan Hunzai

We endorse the Open Letter Demanding the Release of Baba Jan Hunzai and have issued letters to Ministry of Human Rights, Pakistan. All petition signatures and requests will be forwarded...

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Posted by | May 6, 2012
Seeking freedom: The Press in Pakistan

  Presentations were staged at Aiwan-i-Sadr, on the occasion of Press Freedom Day, raising questions, about the status of our freedom. According to CPJ Pakistan has been the most dangerous...

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Posted by | May 3, 2012
Pakistan: Submission to the United Nation Universal Product Review Submission

ARTICLE 19: Global Campaign for Free Expression (ARTICLE 19) is an international, freedom of expression organisation with an observer status with ECOSOC. ARTICLE 19 has a regional office for South...

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Posted by | April 19, 2012
Constitutional Petition Accepted For  Fundamental Rights Online 

PRESS RELEASE On the 17th of April 2012, seven individuals, Awab Alvi, Sana Saleem, Faisal Kapadia, Nazim Haji, Naeem Sadiq, Noman Quadri and Ayesha Tammy Haq, through their advocates Haider...

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Posted by | April 10, 2012
We Support The Constitutional Petition for Protecting our Fundamental Rights Online

Cross Posting from Teeth Maestro   For quite sometime Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has been blocking websites in Pakistan on the instructions of the Government, or otherwise, other than in accordance with the...

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Posted by | April 2, 2012
Global Coalition Of NGOs Call For Official Withdrawal Of Pakistan Censorship Plans

Press Release: Addressed to: Ministry of IT, ICT R&D Fund & Prime Minister This statement is in pursuance of the verbal commitment made by the Secretary IT, Mr Farooq Awan,...

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Posted by | March 27, 2012
Digital Security Of Public Figures: A Grave Concern

Update: Pakistan Tehrik-Insaf issued press release denouncing attacks on Bolta Pakistan Facebook Page.   Recently, the Facebook account of Bolta Pakistan, a popular TV talk show hosted by senior journalist...

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