Posted by | July 24, 2014
A Guide to Gender-Neutral Language

A Guide to Gender-Neutral Language Gender-inclusive language or gender-neutral language is written and spoken language that does not a) specify or indicate gender in any way and b) as a...

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Posted by | May 2, 2014
Child Marriage Restraint Act: Is Three Years In Prison Enough?

The Sindh Assembly unanimously passed "The Sindh Child Marriage Restraint Act, 2013," into law, thereby repealing the 1929 Child Protection Act and becoming the first province to legislate on child...

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Posted by | June 24, 2013
Tracking Laws: Anti-domestic Violence Act

  February 16th 2006 Domestic Violence In Pakistan: Legislation Still Pending The proposed bill, ‘The Prevention of Domestic Violence Bill, 2005’ is meant to rectify current shortcomings in the law...

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Posted by | June 20, 2013
The Prevention of Anti-Women Practices Act (Criminal Law Amendment)

  Prevention of Anti-Women Practices Act (Criminal Law Amendment) March 2, 2005 Pakistan Rejects Pro-Women Bill Women's rights groups want strict legislation against honour killings. The Pakistan government has allied with...

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