Posted by | December 24, 2013
Survey: The Human Cost Of Communications Blockade

In the last two years the government of Pakistan has suspended cellular services over a dozen times. In 2012, we began recording every instance of cellular service suspension or each...

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Posted by | November 5, 2013
“This reflects a deeply flawed counter-terrorism policy”

Published in The News on Sunday on October 13th - Special Report Sana Saleem, an award-winning blogger, is an activist working on minority rights and internet freedom, and co-founder of Pakistani Internet...

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Posted by | June 8, 2013
Anusha Rahman Khan appointed Minister of State for Information Technology & Telecom

June 8, 2013: Bolo Bhi congratulates Ms Anusha Rahman Khan on being appointed the Minister of State for Information Technology and Telecom. Ms Rahman was a member of the National...

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Posted by | January 14, 2013
Bolo Bhi protests use of ‘Kill Switch’ by the Government

KARACHI: Bolo Bhi strongly protests yet another crackdown on cellular services across Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad as a security measure. In 2012, the authorities suspended cellular services on eight different occasions...

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Posted by | November 17, 2012
Government’s flawed counter terrorism policy hurting rights of citizens

KARACHI Nov.16: Bolo bhi strongly protests  governments consistent crackdown on cellular services across Karachi and Quetta as a security measure. In this year alone, the government has suspended cellular services on...

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Posted by | September 1, 2012
Pakistan’s Suspension of Mobile Services: Was it necessary?

  On August 19, mobile phones services in various cities of Pakistan were suspended due to the potential threat of mobile-operated bombs planted in bazaars by terrorists. It was to...

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Posted by | August 15, 2012
Do you feel blocking of cellphone services in Baluchistan on Independence Day provokes resentment?

The Provincial Government blocked cellphone access in Quetta and parts of Balochistan yesterday citing security reasons. Today, the Indian Government adopted the same measures for Kashmir. States around the world...

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Posted by | August 14, 2012
Baluchistan: Access Should Not Be A Victim To National Security

For Immediate Release Karachi: We express strong reservations against the Balochistan Government's blockade of cellphone services in  the province, on Independence Day. Access to communication is a fundamental human right enshrined...

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