Posted by | June 13, 2014
The American Nightmare: Privacy Vs Security

Benjamin Franklin, who is regarded as one of the Founding Fathers of the nation that proudly sings the Star-Spangled Banner, once said, "Those who surrender freedom for security will not...

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Posted by | September 20, 2013
To the Government: Do YOU have something to hide?

The very term "inviolable"  (as claimed under Article 14 of Pakistan's constitution) suggests that the right of privacy is something that can neither be broken nor be contested. Yet, as...

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Posted by | September 10, 2013
You Privacy is Your Right Not A Privilege

How I wish I got a penny for each time I heard the argument “.. but you see we don’t deserve freedom of speech because we are an intolerant lot.....

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Posted by | June 19, 2013
Dear NSA, We Have Rights Too, Pakistan

This week we joined human rights groups from around the world  urging Congress to  investigate & dismantle  the United States' National Security Agency's communication surveillance program and prevent the creation of global Internet...

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Posted by | June 11, 2013
Pakistan: Civil Society Condemns NSA Surveillance & Data Collection

We the undersigned strongly condemn the collection and surveillance of Pakistani citizens’ online communications and activities by the Government of the United States of America under its National Security Agency’s...

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