Posted by | April 26, 2014
Dailymotion Must Operate in Pakistan Without Compromising Rights of Internet Users

Karachi 26/04/14: As reported by the Express Tribune, the “Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) [has] announced bringing video-sharing website Dailymotion to Pakistan.” However, we take strong exception to the expressed...

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Posted by | April 21, 2014
Senate Human Rights Committee Passes Resolution to Lift Ban on YouTube

For Immediate Release Islamabad 21/04/2014: The Senate Functional Committee on Human Rights unanimously passed a resolution to lift the ban on YouTube. Chairman of the Committee, Senator Afrasiab Khattak had...

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Posted by | April 13, 2014
MoIT Says Will Only Comply With Court – But Has It?

Last week, members of the Bolo Bhi team observed a session at the National Assembly, anticipating a resolution to unban YouTube to be tabled. Member of National Assembly MNA Shazia...

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Posted by | April 11, 2014
Facebook Transparency Report: Since When Is Criticism of the State Illegal in Pakistan?

Facebook just published its second transparency report, revealing requests it receives from governments around the world for user data and content removal. The report introduces Facebook’s policy of dealing with...

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Posted by | April 9, 2014
Opposition Unites to Lift Ban on YouTube

Islamabad 9/4/2014: Leader of the opposition, Syed Khurshid Shah, Senator Farhatullah Babar, MNA Shazia Marri along with representatives of civil society group "Bolo Bhi" (working on internet rights advocacy) held a press conference to urge...

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Posted by | March 26, 2014
Authorities fail to respond to FOI requests, Bolo Bhi Files Complaint With Federal Ombudsman

For Immediate Release  Following democratic norms and exercising the citizens’ right to information granted by Article 19-A of the Constitution of Pakistan, the Bolo Bhi team filed Freedom of Information...

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Posted by | March 15, 2014
To Block or Not to Block: YouTube

This article was originally published in Newsline's September 2013 issue “We’ve taught YouTube a lesson by banning it and forcing Google to lose out on revenue in Pakistan because it...

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Posted by | March 4, 2014
Filters, Morality and the Element of Choice

The Ministry of Information, Technology & Telecom (MoIT) in Pakistan was actively considering filtering softwares as a solution to unban YouTube. According to reports, these filters are already in place....

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Posted by | February 27, 2014
The Government of Pakistan Must unban YouTube Now

US court directs Google to remove Innocence of Muslims video based on the copyright claim by the actress A US appeals court in San Francisco has directed Google to remove...

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Posted by | February 19, 2014
Tracking Right to Information Requests

09.14 June 11, 2014: Representatives of Bolo Bhi and MOITT attend hearing at Federal Ombudsman’s office Re: Internet Surveillance  On February 12, 2014, Bolo Bhi filed Freedom of Information requests,...

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