Posted by | November 12, 2012
Flip Flop Switch:YouTube Blocked Unblocked – Live Updates

Timeline of updates on Youtube Block & Unblock in Pakistan: 13th september: Pakistan orders anti-Islam video block on YouTube [Associated Press]  - ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Thursday blocked access to an anti-Islam...

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Posted by | September 18, 2012
Access Should Not Be Victim To Hate Speech

For Immediate Release Karachi, September 18, 2012: In response to protests following the release of a movie trailer, Innocence of Muslims, the Prime Minister of Pakistan issued a notification to block access...

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Posted by | September 17, 2012
Open Call for Non-Violent, Alternate Methods to Denounce Hate Speech

There is a fine line between what constitutes Freedom of Expression and what is Hate Speech. Many times, under the garb of free expression, malicious acts are carried out with...

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Posted by | February 25, 2012
In the Name of the Law

This article originally appeared in Newsline's June 2011 cover story section. It’s been over a month since Facebook, YouTube and other sites were temporarily blocked in Pakistan. But the controversy is...

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