Justice for Fakhra Younis, Justice for Acid Attack Survivors in Pakistan

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 Addressed to:  The National Assembly, The Senate & The Supreme Court of Pakistan

On 10th of May’2011, the National Assembly unanimously passed the Acid Control and Acid Crime Bill. The bill recommends 14-year to lifetime imprisonment sentences and levies fines up to Rs.1 million for perpetrators of the crime. In December’2011, the Senate made an amendment in the existing criminal law, making the offense non-bailable. The commitment of Acid Survivor’s Foundation, Marvi Memon, support of the National Assembly and the Senate are worthy of appreciation. However the implementation of the bill continues to be a concern.

Today, Pakistan lost a brave and resilient woman who represented the face of acid survivors; Fakhra Yunus. After a twelve-year struggle for justice, Fakhra leapt off from the sixth floor of a building and ended her life. In her last note, Fakhra blamed the silence of law on the atrocities and insensitivity of Pakistani rulers for her death. The man accused of disfiguring Fakhra, Bilal Khar, was arrested in October’2002 but released in 2003 on Rs.200,000 bail.

Bilal Khar son of former Punjab Governor Ghulam Mustafa Khar has used his political influence to evade arrests for the past twelve years. Your silence makes you complacent. Merely approving a bill criminalizing the offense is not enough. The state must take action to ensure that Bilal Khar is arrested and put on trial.

For years Fakhra bravely struggled for justice, her appeals were constantly neglected forcing her to take asylum outside Pakistan. Fakhra is not alone; hundreds of victims of the atrocious crime await justice. We appeal to the Supreme Court to ensure the arrest and trial of Bilal Khar and the National Assembly and Senate to pass and implement more specific laws suitable for dealing with control and availability of acid, sentencing, rehabilitation and recompense for survivors.

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    Chief Justice sb. Pls take Suo Moto Notice !!

  2. rehanbetab@yahoo.com' Niaz Betab says:

    I am in a society where my voice has no value. But I’m not hopeless. We might not be able to do great things, but we certainly can do small things in a great way. We would put every possible effort to fight against those inhumane animals who are out to destroy our social system and take back to the era of ignorance. My heart aches when I see the misery women, the most precious creature is facing. Our brutal society is a hell for a women. It is strongly important that we go against those in an organized way who are committing crimes which are not only unethical, immoral or illegal but against a race, women race, against the part of humanity.
    It is the time we come out and call those silly cowards that you’re not allowed to do what you want. It is not that time when you could easily escaped. We have to ensure justice or wait for a dangerously heinous crimes to rapid.

  3. ssnaqi@gmail.com' SumbalNaqi says:

    I support this petition.

  4. ollieraza@yahoo.com' Ollie Raza says:

    Bilal Khar should be arrested and case should be retried.

  5. Gulnbukhari@gmail.com' Gul Bukhari says:

    Spot on. Bilal Khar needs to be out away for life.

  6. farzana_nayyer@yahoo.com' Farzana Nayyer says:

    Pls consider this as my signature..

  7. anamansari25@gmail.com' Anam says:


    I want to support this noble cause, but I just want some clarity as to what the petition is asking to do. Is it asking to imprison Bilal Khar?

    I ma a little bit confused as it is not entirely clear in the petition what the government is required to do.

    If someone could reply and please answer my question, I would really appreciate it, and proceed to sign the petition.


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