Access Is My Right – And I Paid For It Too!

 We almost always associate access to the Internet with censorship, but never think of it in terms of connectivity itself. The very first step to accessing anything on the Internet requires an Internet connection – one that works!

At some point or the other we have all complained about our Internet connections – for not working or being slow. And that is more often than not. As consumers, is the return on the money we pay worth the services provided? Are we getting what we signed up for?  We have every right to demand efficient and good quality service – even if we don’t always get it.

The aim of this survey is to gauge the quality of service consumers are getting in Pakistan from their Internet Service Providers – what they signed up for vs what they are actually getting. We intend to collate user responses into a report and bring it to the attention of the various ISPs that are providing these services; the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) who is the regulator and supposed to ensure service and quality is maintained and consumer rights protected; and government officials and legislators to ensure consumers get their due.

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