Adopt A School: Help Master Ayub

Master Ayub has been teaching unprivileged children for over a decade.  In an open air classroom in a park in Sector F-6, he teaches over 200 children free of cost. Most of the students are street-children working at nearby restaurants. As part of our empowerment project, we want to make Master Ayub’s school sustainable, by providing books,stationary and other useful items.

Maham Ali is our contact person and project lead for this school. Maham has been working as a volunteer at Master Ayub’s school along with providing financial support. If you’re in islamabad we suggest you get in touch with @mahamalio5 and get involved in donating items rather than cash. In case, you are unable to donate or prefer cash donations email us at with ‘Pledges for Master Ayub’ as subject. We believe in transparency. All information regarding the utilization of funds will be available on our website.

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