Adopted by the State

Unsurprisingly, the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) has now been given a say in determining what material can be deemed appropriate and moral. Besides the obvious that the government wants to uphold Islamic principles, (please don’t confuse yourself by believing that Islamic principles preach tolerance, love and humanity), the CII would also like to view the material “first”hand, since unviewed and untouched material must always be the choice.

 On a serious note, I’d like to question the logic behind the decision. If my viewing of said inappropriate material makes me a sinner, then shouldn’t their viewing of the material do the same? It is a little confusing for me, as such a simpleton, to understand this decision. Is it because their faith is stronger than mine? Is it because they can control their urges better than I can? If it is a crime and sin to watch such content why look for it in the first place?

 Besides the fact that we now allow the Ministry and CII to assume our capabilities and strengths, we are also allowing them to make decisions on our behalf. Why must the government be the ones responsible for upholding our morals? Shouldn’t that be our upbringing? Since when has the government assumed the role of our “parents”? And if parenting is what the state hopes to do, then they’ve set some pretty bad examples. Case in point the bombing of the Church in Peshawar, the breaking down of the minarets of an Ahmadi mosque, or say, my ever increasing school loans. Hey, out of the 3, I’d really appreciate if you paid attention to the third one; I was told that as my parents, you’d help pay for school!

 Where is the states ‘parenthood’ when its citizens A.K.A offsprings are being murdered in cold blood, when the children of the state are being orphaned, left homeless and being discriminated against? Where is the state looking out for my well being, when I as i youth is struggling with increasing educational expenses?

 If the government has decided to have a say in our lives, then right now, most importantly, I’d urge them to take a good look into our security issues, as well as our future. The current job market looks bleak, we can’t go out on the road without the fear of being mugged, or even kidnapped and shot at. Little girls and boys can’t play in parks without the fear of being raped. And worst of all, we can’t pray in our place of worship if it is different than the one the majority prays in.

 All the while YouTube was blocked, violence still prevailed, physical and sexual abuse still occurred, those committing sins and blasphemy still existed. It’s irrational to blame a website for all the bad things happening around us. But why are those that want to obtain information, for education and entertainment purposes, be the ones that are being punished? It is not education or information that causes violence, rape, abuse or any other such actions, it is an individual. Murderers are set free here, extremists are allowed to roam freely, but the flow of information is banned and treated like the problem. Is the state too blind to see what the issues are? People kill people, not the internet.

 It seems to me that the state has adopted ad hocness and irrationality as its modus operandi. How else do you define, a state which decides to ban comparative studies in order to make faith in one’s religion stronger; but are unable to prevent an attack on a place of worship or protect its citizens. To make your faith stronger, the government allowed murderers to go free, based on Islamic principles, because Islam does not believe in justice. To make your faith stronger, your government banned pornographic material, but allowed for gang rapists and pedophiles to roam around freely, because DNA evidence does not prove anything- after all, it is just science and facts, not principles and blind faith. I am not sure what faith the government believes to be following, it is definitely not Islam but a mockery of it and any other faith that exists.

 I beg the public and every citizen to raise your voice; I urge you to speak up and see how the government has digressed from its actual job and forgotten the purpose of its creation and establishment. We do not need net nannies to govern us, we need governance, upholding of law & order, we want justice and rights for all; unequivocally.

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