Posted by | September 25, 2020
PTA’s Banning Spree

  The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) is on a banning spree. Applications are the new frontier where PTA is waging the battle to safeguard the young people and morals of...

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Posted by | September 16, 2020
To men

The gang-rape of a woman on the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway in front of her children has shaken everyone. While men have sympathised and feel fearful for women they know – and...

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Posted by | June 18, 2020
Online censorship

ON June 4, 2020, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) held a consultation on the Citizens Protection (Against Online Harm) Rules 2020. While civil society groups boycotted it, standing by their...

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Posted by | May 29, 2020
Away with the rules

THE Citizens Protection (Against Online Harm) Rules, 2020, are back on the agenda. The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) recently uploaded a survey titled Consultation Framework, seeking stakeholder input on the...

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Posted by | January 25, 2019
Our Official Correspondence Problem: Section 37

On January 21, Nida Kirmani and Reema Omer received notices from Twitter Legal via email, alerting them their tweets had been reported. Twitter had received "official correspondence" claiming the content...

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Posted by | March 3, 2016
Bolo Bhi challenges Section 9.8 of Telecom Policy in Court

Bolo Bhi has amended its existing petition before the Islamabad High Court challenging the government and PTA’s powers to block content online, to include Section 9.8 of the Telecom Policy...

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Posted by | August 12, 2015
Joint Action Committee Submits Legal Redraft of PECB15

On August 11, 2015, industry groups and digital and human rights organizations, under the umbrella of the Joint Action Committee, submitted their proposed revisions on the government's draft Prevention of...

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Posted by | April 15, 2015
Press Conference: Joint Action Committee on Cyber Crime Bill 2015

A joint press conference was held at the National Press Club in Islamabad on April 15, 2015, addressed by Wahaj us Siraj, Convenor Internet Service Providers Association of Pakistan (ISPAK),...

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Posted by | January 22, 2015
Long Story Short: Blocking on the Internet

Here's the long story short on blocking on the Internet: 1) Internet is a passive medium – unless you make a conscious effort to access certain content, you don't see...

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Posted by | January 21, 2015
Hearing 2: Bolo Bhi’s Petition Challenging IMCEW

The second hearing of Bolo Bhi’s case challenging the legality of the IMCEW was held before the Islamabad High Court on Thursday, January 15, 2015. Counsel for the Ministry of...

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