Call To Be A Part of Alliance for Access

The Alliance for Access has established itself as a nationwide coalition of 13 leading civil society organizations, two media groups and two industry associations, committed to the promotion of access and digital rights. Access to the web is fundamentally a right to information issue with the executive exercising arbitrary authority to censor and block content without any legal justification or sanction.

 By maintaining pressure on lawmakers to ensure transparency in internet policy formulation through input from our alliance partners, we are working on policy paper to be presented to policy makers.  Over the last year and half, as part of our core work on Internet policy, we have engaged with public and private stakeholders to discuss and find a solution to ad-hoc blocking and policymaking in the ICT sector in particular. During this time, we produced a 18-minute talking heads documentary on the ban culture. The documentary showcased views of policymakers, industry professionals, legal & technology experts, startups & entrepreneurs. Full interviews were also published. This is part of the effort to highlight diverse and multiple voices.

 In our efforts to work for greater access to internet and to eliminate the arbitrary uses of executive authority in the cybersphere, we are now reaching out to civil society organizations to be a part of the Alliance for Access and work for these common goals with the support of an entire network of journalists, activists, lawyers and civil society organizations.

 If your organization is interested in being a part of the Alliance for Access or if you would like more information regarding the Alliance, please email us at either or

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