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Hackathon Overview:

Freedom of speech and expression are listed as fundamental rights in our constitution, so is the right to privacy, yet we hear about them in closed selective discussions via human rights groups. So lets make it easier for everyone to understand what is your freedom of speech and expression and privacy, why is it such a fundamental right?   How does intrusion in privacy impact our freedom of speech and in turn our course of work.

This hackathon is for citizens, law students, techies, designers, entrepreneurs, mappers and civil rights activists to come together and find solutions including but not limited to technology. Join us on Tuesday, 13th of August 2013, from 2-7 PM, Karachi (Shahra-e-Faisal, exact location to be emailed to those who registered) let’s make freedom of speech and expression mainstream, let’s make privacy default!

Hackathon will be led by, Vickram Crishna, a Mumbai-based engineer and communicator, who works actively at the intersection of education and technology, focusing on appropriate solutions for persons with disabilities. He participates in global fora, both online and in person, on a range of issues relating to the protection of privacy. Graduating from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology and the Indian Institute of Management, he worked in industry and the mainstream media for thirty years before moving to full-time public service, applying communication technologies for the benefit of the underprivileged and severely disabled. He has been working across Asia to create awareness of and to steer public policy towards the safeguarding and protection of personal privacy.

 Ideas that are endorsed by the hackathon will be ideas that will be pitched to funders. Bolo Bhi will be assisting in the process. The P@SHA innovation fund has committed support to any good ideas that emerge from this exercise.  You do not need to be an organized entity or a registered organization to pitch ideas. Unorganized innovators are welcome!

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