Entry #1: July 29, 2015

About #SnooperDiaries:

We read about Hacking Team and its involvement in Pakistan. And then the Privacy International report on surveillance in Pakistan. We of course knew about FinFisher already. So today, sitting around at the office, we at Bolo Bhi figured since we’re all being surveilled any way, why not make the jobs of our dear snoopers easier. They are tracking down terrorists and criminals EVERY DAY, by reading our emails, messages, collecting VALUABLE information on what we do and what we share with others. So instead of them having to sift through ALL our messages, WhatsApp conversations, photo galleries and audio/video files, we thought we’d make their job easier. We decided to provide them with a summary of our day – or the salient features of it at least. After all, we do believe in the process of dialogue and communication…

Entry #1: July 29, 2015

Dear Snooper,

As you may have gathered with all your meticulous snooping, lunch hour is one of the most important parts of the day for us at Bolo Bhi. Here’s a summary of today’s lunch hour:


By the way, did you happen to catch the news about Malik Ishaq and Mullah Omar today? Just wondering, in case you were too busy you know, snooping.

Until tomorrow. Over and out!
Well, not really, right?

Do you think you’re being snooped on? Launch your own edition of #SnooperDiaries and start a conversation. Might as well right!?


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