Event – Alliance For Access: Making Student Voices Count

NUST SEECS Career Developement Office is pleasued to organize a session on
Alliance For Access: Making Student Voices Count
Monday, 26th Aug 2013 | NUST SEECS Seminar Hall | 2-3pm
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Deadline to Register: Friday, 23rd Aug 2013 (2:30pm)
About the Session:
The Internet has changed the way we communicate, research and build discourse. We are looking at ways in which it impacts the life of students and academics, how it has impacted research and provided opportunities for new ways of learning. The purpose of the discussion is to determine the way Internet impacts society at large.
When access is restricted, it is the end user whose freedom is curtailed. Some have adopted a ‘live with it approach; others are fierce in their opposition of government instituted bans. The idea is to include people in this group who are affected by restricted access whether in a professional or personal capacity. This will ensure that they are able to communicate their point of view directly to those who have the power to rectify the situation, and hearing it from them directly will do more good than someone voicing their concern for them.
How do you use the Internet to advance knowledge and learning? How does blocking impact you? This discussion is about us informing you informing us how you use the Internet for academic purposes.
However, with all the good comes bad too. Think you’re safe on the Internet? Think your communication is not being read by government officials, offices or IT departments at universities? Are you on facebook or linkedin? Guess what, research shows a considerable number of potential employers and foreign universities proactively look for your information online, this means your personal information — that you do not want disclosed — is now up for sale and scrutiny and that determines your future.
Do you use Google for extensive research? Have freely available scholarly papers aided your academic work? This discussion is about us informing you about how to keep your information secure online and how you use the internet for both personal and academic life.
Speaker Profiles: 
Farieha Aziz is a Karachi-based, APNS award winning journalist. She has a masters in English literature from the University of Karachi. She worked with Newsline from July 2007-January 2012 and taught literature to grades 9-12. She can be found on Twitter: @FariehaAziz and reached via email: farieha@bolobhi.org
Sana Saleem is an activist working on minority rights and internet freedom. She blogs at Global Voices,  Asian Correspondent, The Guardian, Dawn and her personal blog Mystified Justice. Sana was listed amongst Foriegn Policy’s Top 100 Global Thinkers in 2012 for her work with Bolo Bhi against internet censorship in Pakistan. She  won the Best Activist Blogger award by CIO & Google at the Pakistan Blogger Awards in 2010, the Brass Crescent Award in 2011. She can be found on Facebook and Tweets at: @sanasaleem. She can be contacted via email:sana<at>bolobhi<dot>org
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