From a Mother to the Minister

Ms. Anusha Rahman
Minister of State For Information Technology & Telecom
Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom,
4th Floor, Evacuee Trust Complex, Aga Khan Road,F-5/1,
Islamabad, Pakistan.
Phone #: 051-9201990

Minister Rahman,

Here we are again, self appointed liaisons between you and the citizens. Hassan Khalid’s letter asked a question worth thinking about; most of us today think along the same lines. Has anything good really come out of the ban? for that matter has censorship ever served a purpose? Has discrimination based on religion/race/nationality stopped? Regretfully not; if only censorship was the answer to hate speech.

Today’s letter is from Mobeen Ansari’s inspirational mother, Farzana Aziz. We don’t know this woman, but its safe to say that she is a role model to many, including us. She raised her son into an outstanding citizen & one of Pakistan’s most talented artists, with assistance from technology and the Internet.

It is difficult to raise children with impairment in Pakistan; there aren’t enough facilities or resources that aid in their development. Farzana learned computer skills and aided her son’s development through mediums such as YouTube. Something as little can change peoples’ lives; access provides opportunities, why restrict it?

Farzana ends her letter with a very important question as well, Minister. Have a look, and please think about it.

Thank you,

Until next letter,
Bolo Bhi

Farzana's Letter

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