Section 144: Through The Years in Pakistan

2/19/2000 Protesters Arrested: JSQM & MQM activists batton charge & arrested:

At least 34 MQM and JSQM activists were baton-charged and arrested by police outside the Karachi Press Club for staging a demonstration in violation of section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code

4/11/2001 Hunger-strike not allowed, 49 held

Asked about the fines and other punishments (for kite flying during ban), he said there were two options: “Either we will hold violators under Section 144 of the PPC or under powers provided by the local bodies ordinance,” he said.

3/13/2003 Islamabad: Preventing Terrorism on Zuljinan

Against wall chalking, display and firing of arms, issuance of books and pamphlets, use of loudspeakers, playing of cassettes etc. Similarly, a ban had also been imposed on pillion riding in the capital.

7/3/2003 Section: 144 Kite-flying ban effective from today

Asked about the fines and other punishments (for kite flying during ban), he said there were two options: “Either we will hold violators under Section 144 of the PPC or under powers provided by the local bodies ordinance,” he said.

10/13/2003 Pakistani political leaders  arrested:

District Nazim of Sialkot, Mian Naeem Javed banned public processions under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code, but this did not deter the protesters.

1/6/2004 Lahore: Section 144 On Kites

Talking to the SSP Operations here on Monday, the Nazim said the police should ensure that kites were neither sold nor flown in the city as ban on the sale and flying of kites imposed under Section 144 was still in place.

12/22/2004 Crackdown On Robberies

Public meetings banned in Sindh. The department made the decision following the involvement of private security guards in robberies.

11/12/2005 Lahore: For A Month?

“The decision to impose Section 144 is taken to prevent danger to human life and property and to ensure peace and tranquility,” a Home Department official said.

1/13/2006 Lowari Sharif Urs

The disciples of Lowari Sharif, however, slammed the district government of Badin for imposing Section 144 of the CrPC with a view to preventing them from observing the Urs and offering Fateha and Eid prayers.

3/8/2006 Multan:Mai Led Rally Attempted to Be Stopped On Women’s Day rally

“The rally is against the rightist agenda and their toddies are banning the rally.”

6/26/2006 Govt bars Fazlul Rehman & Qazi Hussain from Sindh

This order has been issued only two days before the holding of the MMA’s rally against terrorism in Karachi on Sunday.

1/14/2009 Lahore Under Section 144

The directions were issued to restrain candidates from holding processions, rallies and public meetings except the permission by district government as per Election Commission rules.The display of weapons and wall-chalking have also been prohibited.

3/9/2009 Terror Alert: Section 144 Imposed in Karachi

Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Wasim Ahmed Siddiqui Thursday said arrests have been undertaken in view of a threat of terrorist activity.

10/26/2009 Peshawar: 75 arrested for violation of Section-144

‘Crackdown against illegal Afghan refugees is underway and 62 Afghans have in this regard been arrested during last 24 hours.’ Meanwhile, 10 pistols, two Kalakovs, one Kalashnikov and pornographic CDs have been recovered from the arrested people, Police added.

4/27/2010 Section 144 Imposed in Lahore

According to sources, some of the traders in Lahore have refused to follow the Government decision, which has forced the administration to take strict action and impose section 144 in the City.

7/19/2010 Two Christians shot dead in Faisalabad, Section 144 imposed

The clashes came as a result of the killing of two Christian brothers accused of writing a blasphemous pamphlet critical of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) outside a court in Faisalabad.

7/4/2011 IGP Sindh for strict implementation of section 144

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sindh Wajid Ali Durrani has called for strict enforcement of Section 144 CrPC enforced in Karachi.

8/23/2011 KP Minister for Education Sardar Hussain Babak Attacked

The District Administration of Buner has taken stringent security measures in the area, as the security has been put on high alert while the exhibition of arms has been strictly banned for two months.

9/12/2011 Dengue: Section 144 imposed in Lahore

The Government of Punjab, in the latest measure to control the spread of dengue, has imposed Section 144 in Lahore to ban washing of cars in the streets and to fix charges for laboratory tests, Express 24/7 reported on Saturday.

7/8/2012 Section 144 imposed on swimming in Karachi sea

The administrator has banned bathing and swimming in the sea under Section 144 which would urgently be in effect.

8/7/2012 Section 144 in Ramzan: Sindh

Sindh Government Prohibited pillion riding on motorcycles/scooters, carrying/displaying of all weapons, playing/possession of audio/video containing provocative speeches and inciting sectarian hatred.

8/8/2012 Lahore: Section 144 imposed on Youm-e-Ali procession route

The ban was enforced within the radius of 1 km of Karbala Gamay Shah and the route of Taazia procession.

9/28/2012 Karachi: Section 144 imposed for 3 days

In view of the security threats and uncertain law and order situation, public gatherings and rallies have been banned in Karachi for three days (September 29 to October 1)

4/11/ 2013 Sindh CM Imposes Sec 144

Spokesperson to Caretaker Chief Minister said that to ensure the smooth and peaceful conduct of SSC Part I & II examination a central control room has also been established at CM House under the especial directives of Caretaker CM and section 144 has also been imposed in the jurisdiction and surroundings of all the examination centers throughout the province.


The imposition of the section means that Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) will not able to stage the protests scheduled in the city today against alleged rigging in elections. The protests were due to be held at Shahrah-e-Faisal and at Teen Talwar.

6/8/2013 Celebrating Independence Day by restricting movement

The step has been taken keeping in view the inconvenience to the general public on account of riding motorcycles by some irresponsible youngsters particularly on the occasion of the Independence Day of Pakistan.

6/18/2013 Section 144 imposed in Rawalpindi during LLB examinations

According to the press note issued by the DCO Office on Monday , no person other than the candidate, teaching, supervisory and duty staff will be is allowed to enter the 200 yards circle area around examination centers

6/18/2013 Section 144 Imposed on Bathing at Karachi Beaches

Chief Secretary said that in view of hot summer, the people head for beaches, lakes and canals etc and inspite of the fact that many do not know swimming, they try bathing which results in incidents of drowning.

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