Posted by | March 9, 2013
Stop Vandalism in the Name of Religion

Karachi 09/03/2013: Bolo Bhi urges immediate action for the protection of citizens. Our rights, lives and property cannot be left at the mercy of an angry mob. The unfortunate incident in Badaami...

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Posted by | March 2, 2013
Remembering Shahbaz Bhatti: Stand Up in Peace

Today marks the second death anniversary of Shahbaz Bhatti. In his memory and as a tribute to his work for minorities, I am republishing an article I wrote hours after...

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Posted by | October 15, 2012
Blasphemy Over Text: SSGC’s Unlawful & Unjust Actions Condemned

KARACHI Oct. 15: Bolo Bhi has learnt with dismay that after assaulting and ransacking the home of a non-Muslim Sui Southern Gas Company employee on the pretext of her son forwarding...

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Posted by | September 17, 2012
Open Call for Non-Violent, Alternate Methods to Denounce Hate Speech

There is a fine line between what constitutes Freedom of Expression and what is Hate Speech. Many times, under the garb of free expression, malicious acts are carried out with...

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