Blasphemy Over Text: SSGC’s Unlawful & Unjust Actions Condemned

KARACHI Oct. 15: Bolo Bhi has learnt with dismay that after assaulting and ransacking the home of a non-Muslim Sui Southern Gas Company employee on the pretext of her son forwarding blasphemous text messages, SSGC has served her with a suspension notice.

This is an extremely shameful and unlawful move, and we demand that the Company immediately take the suspension notice back. It should also ensure security for their employee and her family who are being threatened on a flimsy pretext of the blasphemous message.

The messages did not originate from the boy, who just forwarded them to his Muslim neighbours, thinking they held some religious significance for them. There has been alarming increase in violence associated with alleged cases of blasphemy. Hooliganism, violent attacks on property and person and the use of blasphemy law to justify all such criminal acts must be stopped immediately.

As a rights based group Bolo Bhi demands that:

  • Immediate and strict action against should be taken against intimidation and violence. The authorities must arrest and charge all those involved in ransacking the boy’s house and destroying personal property. 
  • The Government must provide complete protection to the boy and his family. 
  • SSGC must clarify and rectify it’s unlawful and unjust dismissal. 
  • The Government should take all measures possible to protect minorities and put an end to this witch hunt.

Contact: Afia Salam – Bolo Bhi


Bolo Bhi means ‘Speak up’, in Urdu. We are a not-for-profit geared towards advocacy, policy and research in the areas of gender rights, government transparency, legislation, Internet freedom, digital security, privacy and empowerment. We, at Bolo Bhi, believe it is crucial to bridge the gap between rights advocates, policy makers, media and citizens. It is by bridging this gap that one can move ahead to chart a way forward and resolve issues through consensus, in a way that is mutually beneficial.

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