Posted by | December 10, 2020
Social media regulations: A comparative study of six jurisdictions

This comparative study by Bolo Bhi titled “Social media regulations: A comparative study of six jurisdictions” summarises the current and proposed social media related regulations in the European Union, United...

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Posted by | July 22, 2015
Internet of Things: Savior or Surveillant?

Looking back 20 years from now, who would’ve thought anything like the internet would ever exist? Days when the most convenient source of communication were landlines and the only way...

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Posted by | September 20, 2013
To the Government: Do YOU have something to hide?

The very term "inviolable"  (as claimed under Article 14 of Pakistan's constitution) suggests that the right of privacy is something that can neither be broken nor be contested. Yet, as...

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Posted by | December 7, 2012
INFOGRAPHIC: Are you being abused?

Are you being abused? Identify abuse, reach out to those that can help. (more…)

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