Social media regulations: A comparative study of six jurisdictions

This comparative study by Bolo Bhi titled “Social media regulations: A comparative study of six jurisdictions” summarises the current and proposed social media related regulations in the European Union, United Kingdom, United States, India, Turkey, and France. This was done in order to facilitate an informed discussion about social media related regulations around the world in the more prominent jurisdictions, to be able to learn from the lapses in these regulations, and the processes of consultation undertaken with relevant stakeholders.

In relation to the six jurisdictions, the study includes:

  1. Prevailing laws and time of introduction,
  2. Process of legislation, consultation, and implementation timeline
  3. Views for and against these
  4. Protections

We are thankful to Shumaila Shahani, Research Associate; and Rachna Rajput, Legal Intern for undertaking the research for this study.

The study is in no way exhaustive, and does not reflect any endorsement by Bolo Bhi.

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