Posted by | October 27, 2015
Digital Security Trainings
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Posted by | October 16, 2015
Digital Security Tips at TLF & CLF

Syed Aun Abbas Bokhari, the deputy director of NR3C (FIA's Cyber Crime Wing), and Bolo Bhi reps Farieha Aziz and Hija Kamran, conducted separate sessions at the Teacher's and Children's Literature Festivals...

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Posted by | March 11, 2015
Digital Security Training with Bolo Bhi at Children’s Literature Festival

On February 26 and 27, 2015, Bolo Bhi representatives Farieha Aziz and Ghausia Rashid Salam conducted digital security trainings at the Teachers’ Literature Festival (TLF) and the Children’s Literature Festival...

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Posted by | May 16, 2014
Top Seven Ways To Deal With Trolls That Are Better Than Blocking the Internet

Mr. Mohsin Shah Nawaz Ranjhahas, the Parliamentary Secretary of Information & Broadcasting, recently made an all too popular  statement regarding social media, and problems that are common for users worldwide....

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Posted by | July 22, 2013
Understanding how HTTPS works with Ahmed, Bilal & Uncle Tipu

The Internet is inherently collaborative in nature. Every time your computer needs to talk to another computer somewhere in the world, it breaks up the message into smaller manageable chunks...

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Posted by | June 28, 2013
Call for Participation: Digital Security Workshop in Lahore

  Digital Rights Foundation and Bolo Bhi are pleased to announce a day long digital security training being organized in partnership with Shirkat Gah. Journalists, bloggers, writers, human rights defenders...

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Posted by | June 18, 2013
In School, In Class: Sub-tweeting Abuse

The writer is a high-school student & has requested anonymity  There’s a plethora of social networking sites, many of which are actively used by the teenagers that make up my...

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Posted by | June 11, 2013
Pakistan: Civil Society Condemns NSA Surveillance & Data Collection

We the undersigned strongly condemn the collection and surveillance of Pakistani citizens’ online communications and activities by the Government of the United States of America under its National Security Agency’s...

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Posted by | June 8, 2013
Call For Participation: Digital Security Workshop In Peshawar

Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) and Bolo Bhi are happy to announce a one day Training of Trainers on Digital Security and Privacy for Women Human Rights Defenders, Activists, journalists and...

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Posted by | May 28, 2013
Keep Your Children Safe Online

The recent kidnapping of a 13-year old Mustafa has brought attention to the issues of digital security. The most common and worrying reaction, from parents, has been to restrict their...

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