Posted by | May 13, 2014
Submission to Court in YouTube Case: May 13, 2014

Date: May 13, 2014 Writ Petition 958­2013: BytesforAll vs Federation Lahore High Court Submitted to: Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah & Justice Atir Mahmood Honourable Sirs, Below is a summary...

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Posted by | May 7, 2014
National Assembly Unanimously Passes Resolution to Lift Ban on YouTube

Islamabad 07/05/2014: The National Assembly of Pakistan unanimously passed a resolution, calling upon the ruling Party to lift the ban on YouTube. This resolution was tabled by Member National Assembly...

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Posted by | April 29, 2014
Freedom Online Coalition Must Hold Canadian Government Responsible

At Bolo Bhi and Digital Rights Foundation we have had a long-standing commitment to working alongside the Freedom Online Coalition on the principles and commitment to fight restrictions on the...

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Posted by | April 28, 2014
Who is the Control Freak in the Cyberspace

The internet cannot be controlled by any one country, despite the best efforts of several governments. As the Snowden leaks reveal, State efforts to control the cyberspace can quickly turn...

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Posted by | April 11, 2014
Facebook Transparency Report: Since When Is Criticism of the State Illegal in Pakistan?

Facebook just published its second transparency report, revealing requests it receives from governments around the world for user data and content removal. The report introduces Facebook’s policy of dealing with...

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Posted by | March 27, 2014
Netsweeper in Use in Pakistan

There is a strong reason to believe now that the traffic for our gateways is being managed by Netsweeper. The research revolves around one of the key gateways that handles...

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Posted by | November 19, 2013
Blasphemy Charge Over Facebook Comment – A Dangerous Precedent

KARACHI November 19:  According to media reports a young man has been arrested in Toba Tek Singh for allegedly sharing objectionable content on Facebook.  Reports suggest that a complaint has...

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Posted by | October 4, 2013
Letter to the German Embassy

                                                                                                                                                                       Petra Speyrer                Consular and Legal Section German Embassy Islamabad Ramna 5, Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad, PAKISTAN P.O. Box 1027, Islamabad, PAKISTAN Tel:  (0092-51) 227...

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Posted by | September 20, 2013
To the Government: Do YOU have something to hide?

The very term "inviolable"  (as claimed under Article 14 of Pakistan's constitution) suggests that the right of privacy is something that can neither be broken nor be contested. Yet, as...

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Posted by | September 9, 2013
Canadian Government Responds To Netsweeper’s Presence In Pakistan

Thurday, 5 Sept, 2013:  Government of Canada responded to our letter, sent on the 23rd of July 2013, which raised the issue of Netsweeper, a Canadian company, that sells technology...

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