Under Surveillance – a comic which highlights privacy issues

Thanks to Gus Hosein of Privacy International for sharing this comic/graphic novel with us. It is a great resource for explaining to young people how important privacy is and how data one shares online or via mobile can be open to misuse.

It was produced with the financial support of the Fundament Rights & Citizenship Programme of the European Commission and is available as a free download.

Many of us (and I don’t mean just the kids who are Digital Natives) but also those of us in the older age bracket who are Digital Immigrants, are very naive about the sharing of personal data. This graphic novel brings out some of the dangers of not protecting yourself and your data in the digital arena.

About The Author

Jehan Ara

Jehan Ara is the President of the Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES (P@SHA)..She is a motivator, an entrepreneur, a social activist and a strong propagator of extending the power and use of Information and communication technologies beyond pure traditional business, to empower and enable communities. Her blog can be viewed here: In the line of Wire. She can be found on Twitter: @jehan_ara and contacted via email: jehanbolobhiorg

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