Posted by | April 27, 2020
Tracking Covid-19

SEVERAL Pakistanis have received text messages alerting them of possibly having come in contact with a Covid-19-positive person, and recommending self-quarantine and a visit to the health facilities in case...

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Posted by | March 31, 2020
Joint Statement by Bolo Bhi and Digital Rights Foundation: The Digital Gap During the COVID-19 Pandemic is Exasperating Inequalities

We are currently in unprecedented times. As the world moves away from public and shared spaces into isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic; technology has become a crucial link between...

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Posted by | March 2, 2020
Controlling dissent

There is no denying that the narrative built online widely affects political opinions offline. The Russian meddling in the 2016 US elections suggests that governments fully recognise the influence of...

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Posted by | March 1, 2020
No Consultation Without Withdrawal of Cabinet Approval of Online Protection (Against Online Harm) Rules 2020

On February 28, 2020, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting through PR No. 267 announced the formation of a committee to begin consultation on the Citizens Protection (Against Online Harm)...

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Posted by | February 12, 2020
Senate Committee on Human Rights rejects PEMRA’s proposed regulation on Web TV

We welcome the Senate Committee On Human Rights’ decision rejecting the proposed regulation on Web TV and OTT TV, while declaring that PEMRA does not have any jurisdiction over internet...

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Posted by | February 3, 2020
Why PEMRA’s proposed regulation on Web TV needs to be scrapped

LAST month, the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority invited comments on a draft resolution on Web TV and OTT (over the top TV). A cursory or detailed look lead to...

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Posted by | January 28, 2020
Citizen groups, Journalists’ Body reject PEMRA’s proposed draconian regulation on Web TV and other allied attempts to undermine digital rights and freedom of expression

PUBLIC STATEMENT BY CITIZENS AND STAKEHOLDERS On government attempts to curtail freedom of expression, right to information and digital rights; and appropriation of internet and cyberspace. Islamabad – January 28,...

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Posted by | December 30, 2019
Bolo Bhi sends RTI requests to FIA

On July 03, 2018, Shumaila Hussain Shahani, currently a Research Associate on Law and Gender at Bolo Bhi, filed seven requests under the Right of Access to Information Act, 2017...

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Posted by | October 18, 2019
Technology for justice

A TIMELY discussion titled Technology for Justice Forum recently took place in the capital, spearheading a much-needed discussion on how technology could harness justice. A wide array of stakeholders from...

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Posted by | October 8, 2019
Open Letter to Facebook

7 October 2019 Dear Mr. Zuckerberg, OPEN LETTER: FACEBOOK’S END-TO-END SECURITY PLANS The organizations below write today to encourage you, in no uncertain terms, to continue increasing the end-to-end security across Facebook’s...

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