Episode 4: Navigating legal instruments and platform policies, while protecting user rights from a regional perspective

Guest: Chinmayi Arun, resident fellow of the Information Society Project at the Yale Law School and an affiliate of the Berkman Klein Center of Internet & Society at Harvard University. She has served on the faculties of two of the most highly regarded law schools in India from 2010 onwards and is founder/director of the Centre for Communication Governance at National Law University Delhi. She was a fellow of the Berkman Klein Center of Internet & Society at Harvard University from 2017-2019 and a faculty associate of the Center prior to that. She is an alternative board member of the Global Network Initiative, an expert affiliated with the Columbia Global Freedom of Expression project and a member of the Executive Committee of the Global Network of Centers of Internet and Society.


The discussion compared trends over the years with content moderation and intermediary liability protection in India and Pakistan. The following points were covered:

  • Threats to free speech caused by the platform’s compliance to government’s requests for content takedown
  • Importance of multi-stakeholder conversations about policy making 
  • Pakistan’s history of Internet censorship, the practice of banning websites and Internet services, and illegality of such processes
  • Internet shutdowns and website blocking in India and Pakistan with reference to Kashmir

To watch the complete video click here.

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