Episode 16: Public hangings and chemical castration for rapists: Why is the response to the gang rape hysterical, insincere and self-laudatory?


Dr. Asha Bedar – Clinical psychologist whose work focuses on issues of gender and violence against women and children

Sarah Zaman – Feminist activist and researcher, who focuses on sexual and gender-based violence

Sara Malkani – Advocate of the High Court

Nazish Brohi – Social and development sector researcher, working on issues around gender, violence, conflict, and democratisation

Reema Omer – Legal advisor with the International Commission of Jurists

Nida Aly – Executive Director at Asma Jahangir (AGHS) Legal Aid Cell, Advocate of the High Court


The Discussion focuses on the issue of addressing rape & sexual violence structurally. We discuss what hysteria around public hangings & chemical castration misses out on, what actually requires attention.

We discuss the lack of understanding of the nature of rape and sexual violence, and its different forms. We also dissect the notion of rape and sexual violence being about power, not sex. Address myths that attribute sex crimes to ‘vulgarity’ or ‘sexual repression & frustration.’ We discuss the psychology of rape and sexual violence, what drives these crimes & research in this area.

We discuss the impediments faced by those who do report right from registering an FIR, to lapses in investigation and prosecution, and the attitudes in court and society.

We talk about rape culture that enables sexual violence, incest & rape in homes & child marriages. Prevention & healing, not just punishment, which comes after sentencing – most cases never make it to that stage due to forced compromises or insufficient evidence, leading to acquittals.

Watch the complete discussion here.

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